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Bahai nine pointed star


“So powerful is the light of unity,
that it can illumine the whole earth...”  


About the Bahá’í Faith

The Bahá’í Faith is a world religion based on the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. He taught there is one God and one human family, and that the great religions of the world represent successive stages in the spiritual evolution of human society.
Bahá’ís recognize the coming of Bahá'u'lláh as the latest expression of God's guidance, opening the way for the establishment of peace and reconciliation, when, as anticipated in the sacred scriptures of the past, all humanity will achieve its spiritual and social maturity, and live in harmony and in accordance with justice. The more than five million Bahá’ís around the world are learning how to translate Bahá'u'lláh's teachings into new patterns of individual and community life. Though they come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, they are united by their belief in the essential spiritual nature of our existence and by their desire for a just and peaceful future for all peoples.

 Local Community Building

We believe lasting social change starts at the neighborhood level when we build relationships based on love and mutual respect. So, we start small by holding gatherings in community centers and homes with opportunities for all age groups to grow together.

Bahá’ís often host informal “fireside” meetings in their homes for introductory conversations about the Bahá’í Faith. A fireside is a great setting for people to ask questions and learn about how the Faith’s teachings relate to contemporary life.

In addition, our core community building activities include:

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